When sexy young teen beach lolitas start wrestling and catfighting, you just know the tits are going to come out and the bitch battle is going to be on! These two lovely swimsuit sluts in heat decide to settle their differences and in a sexually-charged wrestling match that will decide who rules the roust - and who has to lick the pussy!!
Like a lot of young teens who live together, Martha and Jenny had their arguments from time to time. usually over stupid stuff like who does the dishes tonight, who used the bathroom and didn't clean the sink and that kind of thing. But the other night they started fighting and grappling over something a little more serious - Jenny accused Martha of sneaking into her dirty clothes hamper, stealing her dirty panties and sniffing them as she masturbated! Can you imagine! Needless to say, Martha denied it and decided to kick Jenny's ass in a good old-fashioned teen bikini wrestling match...
teen bikini wrestling picture
teen bikini wrestling picture
And there was certainly no messing around this time! Martha grabbed Jenny by the hair, pinched her tits and even kneed her in the head! WHAM! Again and again she blasted the poor young teen in the face with her knee. These battling beach lolitas got madder and madder as the wrestling escalated into a full-fledged biting and scratching catfight! The old lady who lived across the hall was shocked to hear the screams of "You fucking bitch!" and "I'll kick your skanky ass, whore!" echoing from the girl's apartment. She damn near called the police....
It looked like Jenny was going to give in and apologize so Martha let her up. But no sooner had the luscious young teen bikini brat gotten to her feet then she grabbed Martha's bikini top and yanked it! She wanted to bite her nipples and pull her tits good and hard like she'd seen the naked pro female wrestlers do on the internet! The shit was about to hit the fan now! The girls stripped each other's tops off revealing their firm young teen breasts and grappled madly, falling to the floor with a BOOM and knocking the furniture across the room as they wrestled and screamed...
teen bikini wrestling picture
teen bikini wrestling picture
Bare-breasted and fighting like wildcats the two teens rampaged about the apartment. Their urgent shouts and curses echoing throughout the building. Martha got Jenny in a headlock and started choking her out. "Fucking bitch" she sneered "Think I want to smell your stinky little pussy? Why the fuck would anyone want to smell YOUR dirty panties?!" Jenny fought and fought but could feel herself starting to pass out. It might look like two teens wrestling, but to Jenny, it was as serious a bitch battle as she had ever been in before. But she had one last trick up her sleeve...
With a mighty heave she throw Martha off, jumped up and slammed her down onto the couch. She jumped on the struggling teen's chest and shoved her crotch into Martha's face and grabbed her by the hair. "You bet you're going to SMELL my pussy, slut!" she bellowed loudly for all to hear "And when you're done I'm going to make you lick my pussy all fucking night!" Martha struggled but to no avail, Jenny had her face buried deep between her firm teen thighs and she could smell the young teen's moist aroused pussy through her bikini bottoms....

teen bikini wrestling picture

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